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If you simply want to have a data drive that can be shared across Mac and PC just format the drive in ExFAT. thats it. external drives come partitioned, you simply want to reformat it with an ExFAT partition. just make sure you are using SP1 or later in Vista to enable ExFAT.

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It is designed to eliminate confusion so even a non-experienced users can easily find all the tooles they need.Using outdated or corrupt Seagate Backup Plus Portable Drive drivers can cause system errors, crashes, and.What I ended up having to do was install a driver to allow compatibility between PC and Mac.

For your videos and photos, the Lyve app recognizes your Backup Plus drive as a go-to photo and video repository.

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Why is my Seagate Backup Plus external hard drive not detected on mac.

As I understand it Seagate Dashboard is installed on the computer rather than the backup drive.Seagate Backup Plus portable external hard drive comes with cool features which makes backup more convenient and safe.A hard drive can be used on any type of computer - PC or Mac.The second part is an interface circuit board that converts SATA data and power to USB data and power.As expected, it worked flawlessly as an external boot drive to format and install operating system on the new drive to bring added life to a mac that we were no longer using. Sold it.

The Backup Plus Slim 2TB red drive I received from Seagate was a mere 12.1mm thin, 76mm broad, and 113.5mm long. It is perfect for a pocket, backpack, or purse.The device makes it possible for you to share files between PC and Mac computers without reformatting.Install the free Seagate Mobile Backup app on an iOS or Android mobile device to back up all of the pictures and videos from the device to your external drive or the cloud.

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The quickest and easiest external hard drive to use on a Mac is one that is formatted for a Mac.In addition to Lyve and OneDrive, the Backup Plus offers the Seagate Mobile Backup app, and third-party compatibility through the Seagate Dashboard.

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Seagate Backup Plus Slim, easy backup for your digital life on your computer, mobile devices and the cloud.I am looking to purchase a Seagate External Hard Drive for my MacBook Air.

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I purchased it because I was removing a drive from an old macbook to install a new larger capacity drive.The Backup Plus Ultra Slim, the latest edition to the family is the smallest, but only by 0.1 of an inch compared to the Backup Plus Slim.If the amount of lost data is less than 2GB, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition will help you restore it all for free.Seagate Backup Plus drive drive is a quite popular kind of external hard drive, and can bring us much convenience by storing and transferring files.

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The slim, metal design provides premium portability - allowing you to slide the drive into your pocket, purse or backpack and carry it.

Seagate Backup Plus - Free downloads and reviews - CNET

It worked fine with the Power Mac and also with the Windows machine.

So stay on the move and safely take along your documents, photos and videos.Best Answer: Remember that when you format a drive you will lose all data on the drive.The Seagate Backup Plus Portable Drive gives you 4 terabytes of speedy storage you can take with you, as well as a personal cloud, all for a very reasonable price.With cross-platform compatibility, exceptional reliability and speed, you can back up just about everything.But in order for the computer and drive to talk to one another, the drive has to be formatted.


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